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Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Policy

Hulic Co., Ltd., our sponsor, has adopted the following corporate philosophy: "Total commitment to our customers and the community. Creating productive environments. Creating amenity. Promoting peace of mind." Based on this corporate philosophy, the Hulic Group has established the "Hulic Environmental Policy" and gives consideration to sustainability in its real estate development and investment.
Hulic Reit Management Co., Ltd., to which Hulic Reit entrusts asset management operations, shares the Hulic corporate philosophy. Believing that consideration for the Environment, Society and Governance (hereinafter, “ESG”) leads to the maximization of medium- to long-term unitholder value, it has formulated the "Sustainability Policy" and implements this policy in its operations.

1.Compliance and Risk Management
・We give consideration to sustainability in our asset management operations. This involves complying with the laws and regulations, and other rules related to ESG, while taking appropriate measures to evaluate risks such as those related to the natural environment and hazardous substances.
2.Prevention of Global Warming
・We contribute to the prevention of global warming by striving to improve our energy efficiency through energy-saving initiatives involving renovations or building management and promoting CO2 emission reduction.
3.Recycling-Oriented Society
・We contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society by promoting water-saving measures and the 3R's of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
4.Environmental Management System
・We set targets relating to energy-saving and CO2 emission reduction and aim for their continuous improvement.
5.Environmental Awareness and Education for Employees and Officers,
  and Employee-Friendly Work Environment
・We carry out activities to promote ESG-related awareness and education for employees and officers.
・We value work-life balance, diversity, and equal opportunities for employees and officers and aim to realize
an employee-friendly work environment.
6.Collaboration with Stakeholders
・We encourage interactive communication with all our stakeholders. Through such communication, we promote collaboration with business partners, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.
7.Disclosure of Information to Stakeholders
・We work to broadly disclose information on our initiatives related to ESG to all stakeholders, including our unitholders.

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