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Sustainability Initiatives

Initiative Examples

Hulic Toranomon Building

We undertake the following initiatives to contribute to the prevention of global warming, promote a recycling-oriented society, and strengthen BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures.

  • 1.By adopting a natural ventilation system, natural lighting system, and low-emissivity multilayered glass, the building has been cleverly designed to use natural elements such as wind and sunlight to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • 2.The building reuses rainwater for toilet-flushing water.
    3.On the rooftop is greenery space that serves as a relaxation space for office workers.
  • 4.In the event of an emergency, an emergency power generator installed on the rooftop is capable of providing emergency power for common areas for approximately 72 hours.
  • サステナビリティの取組み
  • 5.An emergency provisions storeroom, managed by Minato City, is located on the second floor to provide support for people stranded in an emergency.

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