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Sustainability Initiatives


The Local Community

■Initiatives in Ochanomizu Sola City


■Initiatives in Gate City Ohsaki

Environmental action


■Participation in Community Cleanup Activities

We participate in the "Machichoke Clean Day" sponsored by Chuo-ku, Tokyo and conduct clean-up activities.
These activities are gradually establishing themselves as a new space for communication with the local community and other employees while advancing the beautification of the town.


■Improving User Comfort of Tenants

Hulic Takadanobaba Building : Renewal work in common areas

Before renewal After renewal

Hulic Kamiyacho Building : Renewal work in common areas

Before renewal After renewal

Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building:Toilet renewal construction

Before renewal After renewal

■green lease

The template for new lease contracts includes a "green lease" provision that serves as an agreement that the landlord will cooperate with the tenant in ensuring that the property is energy efficient and environment-friendly. This is meant to result in a "green" building, including not only shared areas and facilities, but the entire building.


■Event Information (Japanese Only)


Initiatives for Our Employees

1. Investment Unit Ownership Program for Directors and Employees

An investment unit ownership program will be introduced with the aim of raising awareness among unitholders concerning higher earnings and ongoing growth and of improving medium- and long-term value for unitholders. Officers and employees of the asset management company and HULIC are eligible for this program.

▼Press release
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2. Training programs

Hulic Group established training programs to enhance employees' professional skills. For example, costs for obtaining qualifications (exam expenses, school fees, etc.) are fully covered by the Group

▼Hulic Reit Management Co., Ltd.

▼Hulic Co., Ltd. CSR Initiatives for Our Employees

Connection with sponsor

Collaboration with the Hulic Group

▼Hulic Co., Ltd.

▼Hulic Co., Ltd.  CSR Initiatives

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