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Investment in next generation assets

Against a background of growing future needs in society, Hulic Reit estimates that continuing strong demand can be expected going forward in the field of next generation assets. This is therefore another area in which we make carefully selected investments. In principle, we conclude long-term lease contracts with tenants after performing due diligence on their operations and finances.

Investment in Next Generation Assets

Next generation assets

Lease properties where we estimate that continuing strong demand is expected going forward on the basis of society’s growing needs
Facilities where, in principle, a long-term lease contract can be concluded with a single tenant
Current investment targets are private nursing homes, network centers and hotels.

Investment in next generation assets

We perform due diligence on the operations and finances of the tenant at the time of acquisition.
We perform regular and unscheduled monitoring after acquisition.
We select new next generation assets following an all-around assessment by our Investment Committee based on analysis of the special features, specific risks, and other aspects of the prospective asset. During this process, the opinion of an independent outside expert is also sought.
Investment targets
  • See here for an outline of private nursing homes
  • See here for an outline of network centers.
  • See here for an outline of hotels.

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