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OF-03 Toranomon First Garden

Address 1-7-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Walking Distance from Nearest Station One minute from Toranomon Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Total Floor Space 10,029.25㎡
Construction SRC
Completed August 2010
Acquisition Date February 7, 2014
Note 1: The column for total floor space indicates the figure for the entire building as shown in the property registry. This applies also where the holding consists of part of a building under compartmentalized ownership or with a co-ownership interest.
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Characteristics of the Location

The Toranomon district, where this property is located, centers on the main axis of Sakurada-dori and contains two Tokyo Metro stations, Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line and Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line. With a long-standing reputation as an office district, the area was one of the earliest parts of central Tokyo to develop a concentration of office buildings and has one of the biggest markets in Tokyo’s 23 wards. This also means that the local office stock is characterized by a relatively large number of older buildings.

Another feature of the district is the difference in character between the areas around Toranomon and Kamiyacho stations. Located next to the Kasumigaseki district with its concentration of government offices, the Toranomon Station area has a high density of businesses with links to government, government-related organizations, and similar occupants.

Contrastingly, the Kamiyacho Station area has a strong presence of foreign companies reflecting its plentiful supply of high-function, large-sized buildings as well as its links along the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, with neighborhoods such as Roppongi and Hiroo that enjoy a high proportion of foreign residents.

Property Characteristics

This property is located on the main street named Sakurada-dori, one minute’s walk from Toranomon Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, which is highly rated as a very convenient “business line.” Its position in the immediate vicinity of the station is also likely to give it very strong appeal in terms of location. Around the Toranomon intersection is a cluster of large- to medium-sized buildings. Because of its proximity to the government office district, the property is expected to prove attractive to not only general corporate customers but also clients who work closely with government offices, as well as clients seeking a high-quality environment, such as law/accountant firms.

The property was a reconstruction project by Hulic Co., Ltd.

Size: The building has a total floor space of 3,072 tsubo* and a typical floor space of 185 tsubo*. Its regularly shaped rental spaces allow efficient utilization.

Facilities and functions: The ceiling height is 2,800 mm (free access floor 100 mm) and the floor load capacity is 500kg/㎡. These and the building’s other specifications, which match the latest benchmarks, are of a high standard sufficient to meet the expectations of tenants seeking a high-grade office building.

In the 11th Roof, Wall and Special Greening Technology Contest (2012), sponsored by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure, the property won an award from the Environment Minister in the Special Wall Greening Technology category.

Given this high rating in terms of location, facilities, and functions, the office building is expected to perform very competitively in the market.

*1 tsubo: approximately 3.3 ㎡

Press Releases

February 7, 2014
Notice concerning Completion of Asset Acquisition PDF(PDF:437KB)


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