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OF-13 Gate City Ohsaki

Address 11-1 and other lots, Ohsaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Walking Distance from Nearest Station One minutes from Osaki Station, JR Yamanote Line
Total Floor Space (Business / Commercial Tower) 287,349.75㎡
(Residential Tower) 18,141.79㎡
Construction S/SRC/RC
Completed (Business / Commercial Tower) January 1999
(Residential Tower) December 1998
Acquisition Date April 16, 2015
Note 1: The column for total floor space indicates the figure for the entire building as shown in the property registry. This applies also where the holding consists of part of a building under compartmentalized ownership or with a co-ownership interest.
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Characteristics of the Location

The Property is directly connected to the Shin-Higashi Exit of Osaki station by a pedestrian deck. Its location is particularly convenient for transportation within the Osaki area, with access to the JR Yamanote, Saikyo, Shonan-Shinjuku lines and the Rinkai line.
The suplly of office space in the Osaki area became fully developed from around the late 1990s, which is relatively late compared to other major business areas in Tokyo, but in recent years, the area surrounding Osaki station is becoming increasingly concentrated with large office buildings due to redevelopment projects. Morevoer, the area surrounding Osaki station is in close proximity to Shinagawa station, a station that is expected to be further developed going forward. Thus, it is an area with growing potential as a business district.

Property Characteristics

The Property is a large-scale complex built in 1999 as part of the Osaki Station No. 2 West District, Type 1 urban redevelopment project. It is a redeveloped facility replete with a variety of urban functions and centered around the business/commercial buildings with 24 stories above ground (2 office towers, namely the West Tower and the East Tower, and a low-rise portion with commercial facilities (“Gate City Plaza”) and cultural facilities) and a residential tower with 20 stories above ground (the “South Park Tower”).
The offices are of relatively high-spec with regard to functionality, namely, exclusively owned area on a standard floor of 859 to 1,236 tsubo, ceiling height of 2,650mm and OA floor area of 100mm, and the high quality and ample common use area, including the 495-seated “Gate City Hall” and a five-story tall atrium. The complex thus remains highly competitive, despite being over 15 years old. Among the areas surrounding Osaki Station where large office buildings are concentrated, Gate City Ohsaki is a landmark due to its scale and sense of grade.

Press Releases

Press Releases

April 16, 2015
Notice Concerning the Completion of Property Acquisition PDF(PDF:41.9KB)
April 14, 2015
Notice concerning the Acquisition of Property PDF(PDF:523KB)


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