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OF-15 Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building

Address 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Walking Distance from Nearest Station Five-minute walk from Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, etc
Total Floor Space 4,041.59㎡
Construction S/SRC/RC
Completed August 1993
Acquisition Date March 31, 2017
Note 1: The column for total floor space indicates the figure for the entire building as shown in the property registry. This applies also where the holding consists of part of a building under compartmentalized ownership or with a co-ownership interest.
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Characteristics of the Location

The Property is located five minutes on foot from the Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and another line, at a corner of an area called Mitake after the former town name that extends from the northeast side of Shibuya Station. Shibuya Station is one of Japan’s busiest train terminals that has transfers for nine lines operated by four companies including JR, which ensures excellent access within Tokyo and the neighboring prefectures. The Shibuya area is a bustling commercial and shopping district, where many service companies with a focus on attracting mainly young customers have gathered for many years. In addition, recently many IT-related venture companies have emerged in this area to the extent that it is referred to as “Bit Valley,” and the area’s level of recognition in the IT industry has also grown dramatically. There are several large-scale multi-purpose redevelopment projects underway in the vicinity of Shibuya Station over the medium to long term, and it is expected that the completion of these projects will contribute to improved convenience and comfort, and also further improve the image of the area.

Property Characteristics

The Property is an office building that was completed in August 1993 with 7 floors above ground and 2 below; basement level 1 and 2 contain a multilevel car parking lot and vehicle passage, while part of basement level 1 and floors 1 to 7 contain offices. It is a medium-to-small building with a total floor space of approximately 4,000 m2 and floor space of its standard floor of a little under 380 m2, and with this area a range of demand can be expected, from start-up companies to large companies.
The basic specifications include 2,600 mm of ceiling height, a raised floor of 100 mm, and individual air-conditioning units, which have become the standard specifications recently in the surrounding area where there are many buildings that have become older. The aluminum curtain walls used for the outer covering of the facade stand out prominently in the district, and visibility is also good as it is located on a corner, which gives the property considerable presence.

Press Releases

Press Releases

March 31, 2017
Notice concerning the Completion of Property Acquisition PDF(PDF:125KB)
March 29, 2017
Notice concerning the Acquisition and Leasing of Property PDF(PDF:1.7MB)


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