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NH-06 SOMPO Care La vie Re Kita-Kamakura

Address 2713 Oofuna,Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Walking Distance from Nearest Station Kita-Kamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line (approximately 1.3 km)
Total Floor Space 4,831.80㎡
Construction RC
Completed March 2009
Acquisition Date June 30, 2017
Note 1: The Address is district where lot numbers are not assigned. But is the column for Address indicates that the care service provider publicly disclosed.
Note 2: The column for total floor space indicates the figure for the entire building as shown in the property registry. This applies also where the holding consists of part of a building under compartmentalized ownership or with a co-ownership interest.
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Characteristics of the Location

The property is located at the top of a small hill adjacent to a single-family home district known as Takanodai, located approximately 1.3 km to the north of the Kita-Kamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line. In addition to the nearest station, access is also good by bus from the Ofuna Station, which is a terminal for multiple train lines including the JR Tokaido Line.
There are numerous noted and ancient Buddhist temples near Kita-Kamakura Station, where the property is located in a northward direction, in a hilly, residential district with a quiet living environment. The area extends from Mt. Rokkokukenzan and has many scenic views, including a point selected as one of the 100 best views of Kamakura. The property is located on a small hill, placing it higher than adjacent buildings, providing a feeling of openness and broad views of Kamakura and Ofuna City.

Property Characteristics

The property is a three-story home for the aged that was completed in March 2009. Each floor has tenant rooms and common facilities include a dining room and training area, kitchen, and offices on the first floor, a bathing area, a lounge, and hairdresser on the second floor, and a lounge on the third floor. Total floor area is 4,831.80 m² and there are 98 tenant rooms. It is a relatively large facility for this application.
The center of the building features an open-ceiling space, and the first-floor dining room has a high ceiling and skylights to provide natural lighting, creating a sense of openness and comfort. The property also accepts short-term tenants as an operating initiative, and one room has been secured for short-term care, providing support in cases where such care is needed.

Press Releases

Press Releases

June 30, 2017
Notice concerning the Completion of Property Acquisition PDF(PDF:125KB)
June 27, 2017
Notice concerning the Acquisition of Property PDF(PDF:1.1MB)


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