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OF-20 Hulic Gotanda Yamate-dori Building

Address 1-21-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Walking Distance from Nearest Station One-minute walk from Osakihirokoji on Tokyu Ikegami Line
Total Floor Space 4,495.35㎡
Construction S/RC
Completed March 1996
Acquisition Date October 1, 2018
Note 1: The column for total floor space indicates the figure for the entire building as shown in the property registry. This applies also where the holding consists of part of a building under compartmentalized ownership or with a co-ownership interest.
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Characteristics of the Location

This property is located along Yamate Street, a one-minute walk from Osaki Hirokoji Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line, and is a six-minute walk from Gotanda Station along the JR Yamanote Line and others. This location offers excellent access to the nearest train station and major business areas. The JR Yamanote Line, which is used very heavily for business, is one of the nearest train lines, making this an area that is likely to be favored for the convenience of its access to areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku in which IT companies are concentrated.
In recent years, IT companies have left the neighborhoods around Shibuya Station and Ebisu Station as vacancy rates decline and moved to this area instead. This has raised its reputation as an IT office area, and we believe that this site thus appeals to tenants in the IT industry.

Property Characteristics

This property was completed in March 1996 and consists of eight floors with one underground level. The first floor is retail space and the second floor and above are office space. The property is a mid-sized office building, with a total floor area of about 4,500 m2 and a standard floor area of about 480 m2. The largest market segment for office buildings in this area is small-scale office buildings of less than about 3,300 m2, which gives this property advantages compared to the typical office buildings in this area.
This property is also distinctive for its creative façade, which combines concrete and glass, and has a strong presence given its highly visible location along Yamate Street.

Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

May 7, 2019
Notice Regarding the Change of Property Name PDF(PDF:98.7KB)
October 1, 2018
Notice Concerning the Completion of Property Acquisition PDF(PDF:113KB)
September 26, 2018
Notice concerning the Acquisition of Property PDF(PDF:610KB)


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