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Message from the Executive Officer

Eiji Tokita, Executive Officer Thank you for visiting the website of Hulic Reit, Inc.

We at Hulic Reit, Inc. wish to thank all our unitholders and other stakeholders. It was with your support that Hulic Reit was successfully listed on the REIT section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on February 7, 2014, and has gradually expanded its asset size.

We focus our investments on the Tokyo commercial property market, an area where our sponsor, Hulic Co., Ltd., enjoys a strong operational track record and highly developed expertise. At the same time, we aim to realize medium- to long-term income stability and expansion as well as growth of the scale and value of our portfolio by investing in next-generation assets for which we estimate there will be continuing firm demand going forward based on society’s growing needs.

Going forward, we aim to contribute to the return to unitholders and other stakeholders. To this end, we will take advantage of sponsor support from the Hulic Group to attain both external and internal growth. In this way, we will work consistently to maximize unitholder value in the medium to long term. In all our efforts, we ask for your continued invaluable support.

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