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Features and Strategies of Hulic Reit

Basic Missions

Basic Missions

In pursuit of our two basic missions, we concentrate investments in Tokyo commercial properties and next generation assets.
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Collaboration with the Hulic Group

To maximize unitholder value in the medium to long term, Hulic Reit will take advantage of the Hulic Group’s support to achieve both external and internal growth, combining this support with the independent initiatives of our asset management company. Utilizing a model of “asset circulation” between our corporation and Hulic, we aim to maintain and increase income in the medium to long term and attain growth in the size and value of our operating assets.

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Outline of Hulic

At the time of its establishment, Hulic’s main business activities were commissioned operations as a holding and management company for bank branches, bank operation centers, and corporate dormitories of The Fuji Bank, Limited (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.). Subsequently, through acquisition on the open market of office facilities in downtown locations close to stations and other assets, Hulic has expanded its real estate asset business.
For the older real estate properties in our portfolio, we are implementing a program of reconstruction adapted to the specialized characteristics of their locations. At the same time, we are using the expertise gained through these reconstruction operations to roll out businesses in areas such as real estate development, corporate real estate, and public private partnerships. In this way, we are promoting the expansion and strengthening of our areas of business.

Hulic Co., Ltd.

Operating System Focused on Unitholder Return

Aligning unitholder return with the interests of the Hulic Group
Adopting systems to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity

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Stable and Sound Financial Management

Build strong and stable business relationships with a number of financial institutions, especially megabanks
Shift borrowings to long-term loans with fixed interest rates and staggered repayment dates

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